Take Off eLiquid – All Flavour Review!

We take a look at Take Off e-liquids, a US based brand that have been working hard to provide the finest vape juice in the market.

What’s in the box?

  • Available in a range of flavours:
    • Apple Strudel
    • Boston Créme
    • Lemon Lime
    • Melon Splash
    • Peppermint Vanilla
    • Strawberry Lemonade
    • Mango
    • Watermelon Lemonade
  • Available in 0, 3, and 6mg nicotine
  • Available in 10ml or 60ml bottles

Flavour Profile Review:

Apple Strudel: A very American flavor which is sweet. I’m not sure what it’s supposed to taste like we don’t usually get this in the UK. It reminds me of an apple pie with some distinct tastes of caramelised apple.

Boston Creme: You can tell this will be a dessert flavour, another one thats after a American experience. It’s got some rich flavours with cream and chocolate coming through. It’s quite pleasant.

Lemon Lime: I love lemon and lime juice and this has the best balance of sweet and soothing. It’s got that sweet and sour taste on point. I really enjoyed this one, lovely sweetness on inhale and excellent soury taste on the the exhale. Very stimulating!

Melon Splash: Another lovely flavour, a hell of a melon flavour that is extremely fruity. I’m not sure what the splash was but that melon is damn tasty on inhale!

Peppermint Vanilla: This is a very nice mix, it’s got a vanilla and peppermint taste. It just perks you right up and leaves a tingling feeling behind on the exhale. Reminds me of a nice wrigleys gum

Strawberry Lemonade: These lemonade flavours are amazing and easily the ones that stand out. The strawberry is bang on, it’s like tasting a slush puppie. Great clouds too, a great summer flavour!

Mango: The mango is always one that i’ve tried across many brands and this is just like any other mango flavour unfortunately, it tastes good don;t get me wrong – unfortunately, I think i’m just getting bored of this flavour now as it’s too mainstream!

Watermelon Lemonade: The best of the bunch! What a flavour, if i could recommend the best one of the lot it has to be this – i’ve been using it for weeks now, i might need some more, it’s made it to my top shelf! Great watermelon taste and that lovely fizzy taste – you have to try this out!


Take Off has done a great job here, they’ve really taken off (excuse the pun) when you exhale! The clouds are immense across all flavours and very balanced for a 70/30 VG/MG mix. It’s well balanced and provides you with a excellent flavour every time.

I have used the flavours across pod systems and mesh coils. The flavours bang on every single time, you really can’t go wrong with any of these.


Take off have used some high-quality ingredients with these flavours. You can tell the clouds will take this brand easily into the top best vape brands available. We were honoured to try this out and would love to see what the nicotine salts are like. The inhale and exhales all bring wonderful flavours and it was an honour to experience this US flavours. I really do hope they make it to the UK and I can’t wait for everyone to try out our personal favourite: Watermelon Lemonade!

Unfortunately the only let down was the Mango but I can’t help but give this 5/5 as it was just a personal preference if anything! Well done Take-off, we can’t wait to see more!

5/5 Vapes

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