Sweet Treats Range by Doozy Vape

Sweet treats is a newly launched range by Doozy Vape and is meant to bring back your old school memories to the tuck shop! Inspired by your favourite sweets, we check out these juicy flavours and see what they’re all about.

What’s in the bottle?

  • 1x 60ml dripper bottle
  • Nic Strength: 0/3/6/12 mg
  • PG/VG: Various choices – 70/30
  • Bubbly / Apple Chews / Fizzy Lemon / Gummy Bears / Lime Jelly Beans
  • Get it here

The Flavour?

As always, remember the taste and flavour is a very subjective thing. The things that I may like/dislike may be the opposite for you. Now let’s have a look at what we have…

This flavour has a that hubbly bubbly smel, it tastes just like it should. Not to overpowering and the right amount of bubble on exhale.

Apple Chews
Have you ever tried apple bon bons? They are quite a common sweet that you’d find as you grow up in the U.K. Damn does this take you back, Apple with a zing! So far so good!

Fizzy Lemon
This tastes like those fizzy sweets you put on your tongue which  crack and pop. It gives you a little tickle on the exhale. Not sure it’s my favourite though.

Gummy bears
This flavour on this is so realistic it blows you away with very vape! Easily one of the stand out flavours of the range, it does sound a bit over the top from me but when you taste this you’ll see why.

Lime Jelly beans
I loooove jelly beans, this is bang on – I wish there was more of a variation though, the lime can get a bit boring. Shame, it definitely has potential!

How does it perform?

Puff puff puff away, these flavours are for the flavour chasers or your everyday vaper. These can easily make it on to your shelf to get you through your day. I found they perform particularly well on sub ohm tanks and drippers. unfortunately, I didn’t find them that good in my pod systems. Maybe it needs some power to get the flavour to come through.

Overall good performance for the type of vapers it’s aimed at.

Summary / Score

A lovey colour range from Doozy, it’s definitely a treat of a flavour. It can perk your day up with the colours on the packaging alone! Very impressed and I hope to see these more in the shop.

Very well made and give off such a premium touch, we found the presentation great and the flavours clearly take you back to the tuck shop!

A must buy if you love your sweets.

4/5 vapes         

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