Blue Bird by Cloud Vapor

Lets have a look at what this crazy bird is all about


  • 1x 50ml bottle
  • Blend of Exotic Fruits, Bubble Gum and ‘Freshness’
  • Nic Strength : 0/3/6mg (through nic shots)
  • PG/VG : 50/50
  • Get it from – Cloud Vapor


Well there’s a blue bird on it. Doesn’t say much about the flavour, the bird looks a bit wacky so I anticipate that this flavour will be interesting..

The Flavour?

Well it’s supposed to be an exotic fruit, bubble gum and a hint of menthol blended together in it’s flavour.

This just tasted like menthol too. It’s so overpowering my throat was tingling. I tried to taste the bubble gum and there’s no exotic fruit there for sure. I can see why this bird has the crazy eyes!


How does it perform?

Even though the menthol is quite strong, its smoooooth.

If you wack this whatever wattage that menthol throat hit feels like you have ice cubes stuck in your throat which will cause people all kinds of crazy eyes.

It’s not very well balanced either, the clouds are very thing and poor.

Summary / Verdict

If you have a sore throat, this is one way to get rid of it! With every hit your sore throat will disappear!

The only good thing to say about this eliquid is that the blue bird reminds me of a nut job chocobo.

Other than that you could save your money and just grab a normal menthol flavour for the same effect

1/5 vapes      

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