Mi-One by Smoking Vapor

The pod system that’s flooding instagram, is it just another fad like Squonking?


Created by Smoking Vapor, this little mod pod system has been flooding every post I see on Instagram and anything vape related (good job marketing team!)

Similar to the Aspire Gusto, this uses refillable pods. You fill up the pod, plug it in the device and vape. Everything is in the pod, coils etc and it comes in a range of colours and exclusive GrimmGreen edition which looks mighty fine.

What’s in the box?

Design and Durability

(Picture from SmokingVapor.com, 2018)

It looks like the Aspire Gusto was the start of something. There’s a crazy amount of these new pod systems in the market. New brands like this seem to be going with the pod system and unlike Aspire, you can fill whatever you want it with and has the coil head built in.

Boy is this small, pictures don’t do it justice. It’s TINY and slimmer than the gusto.

Different versions have decal stickers which are bit pants as they peel off. The M lights up when you pull on it which is quite fancy.

Filling up

Like many of the pod systems out there, the downfall is getting the pods and filling it up.

The gusto problem was that you could only get element pods and the only way to re-use it was to follow the youtube hacks.

Now for this it’s slightly different, you just unplug the seal and fill it up. You can’t even lose the little rubber thingy as it doesn’t come out all the way like the Gusto. However, you only have two pods and such a pain to get more in the UK, I struggled to find a store.


Turn this little thing on with five quick clicks of the button. The LED light shines through the clear mouthpiece and M symbol. When you pull on it, it just comes to life! How neat!
It even has a stealth mode which us sneakyvapers love!
I left the flavour in there for about 30-40 minutes and got no dry hits, vapor production was ok but nothing like my Priv One or Gusto. It always sounds like it’s spitting too but I never get any spit backs….yet

It’s got a good airflow and you can just cover it with your thumb easily to make it tighter. It lasts about half a day with the battery depending on how much you vape. Very similar to my Gusto.


Damn for such a little thing, it’s expensive! For £40, you can buy a priv one or even a gusto and a bunch of your favourite flavours. Crazy.

No interchangeable mouthpiece, seems a big flaw. All the pods I’ve come across had this so why miss out such a useful feature. Yes, it’s mostly designed well but once your pods get worn – where do we get more in the UK? The Mi-One is hard enough to buy as it’s out of stock everywhere (due to the hype) and the only we picked one this one up was at the Expo and I regret doing so ever since.

Smoking Vapor seem to have done very well with the marketing but they need to sort out their face to face customer service at the expo. I think they got a bit overwhelmed.

I’m sure they’ll make a lot of people follow the squonk hype and buy this. If I were you though, I’d hold fire. This is only the beginning and we’re bound to see better products come through.

Don’t be a sheep and pay over the odds for this.

2/5 vapes        

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